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Cloud Control CMS Subscription


TFW's Android-based software connects globally, facilitating seamless
remote device management, and ensuring flawless operations.

Cloud Control CMS Subscription

TFW Cloud Control CMS Subscription

Elevate Your Management with TFW's Android Software. Seamlessly Connect and Manage Your Worldwide Hardware. Our System Has Two Key Components: Device-Installed APK and Intuitive Dashboard for Easy Management. Each Device Mapped to Dashboard with Unique ID (MAC), Ensuring Secure Operations. Experience Cloud Control CMS Subscription and Elevating Your Management Game.









Cloud Control CMS Subscription

Main highlights of TFW Cloud Control CMS Subscription

The CMS consists of two main parts: an APK installed on devices and a dashboard for managing the devices.

Android support

Wide Device Compatibility

Works with a broad range of Android-based displays, offering flexibility and versatility.

  • Effortless Integration

    Seamlessly connect with various Android-based displays for easy compatibility.

  • Adaptable Solutions

    Choose from a wide selection of Android devices to tailor your digital signage setup to your specific requirements.

Cloud Storage

Efficient Content Management

Enjoy the convenience of cloud storage for your digital content, providing easy access and flexible management.

  • Easy Access

    Access your content from anywhere at any time, with the flexibility to manage it as needed.

  • Adaptive Storage Options

    Take advantage of flexible storage solutions that grow with your needs, ensuring optimal scalability.

Customized Messaging

Custom Content Delivery

Deliver content based on specific criteria for targeted messaging that connects with your audience.

  • Display-Specific Content

    Provide content tailored to each display unit, ensuring it is relevant and engaging.

  • Group-Based Content Distribution

    Organize displays into groups and deliver content specific to each group's preferences.

Flexible File Format

Smooth Content Playback

Handle both video and image formats with our adaptable CMS, ensuring seamless playback and consistent resolution for all your digital signage needs.

  • Efficient Video Management

    Easily manage video formats with our flexible CMS, ensuring smooth playback and high-quality visuals.

  • Easy Image Integration

    Effortlessly manage image formats with our versatile CMS, allowing for easy integration of static visuals into your digital signage strategy.

Adjustable Screen Directions

Seamless Content Rotation and Playback

Easily manage vertical and horizontal display orientations with our intuitive CMS.

  • Support in Both Directions

    Switch effortlessly between vertical and horizontal setups to match your space and content requirements.

  • Simple Rotation Control

    Rotate content and control playback settings easily using our user-friendly CMS interface.

Advance Content Planning

Manage Your Digital Displays

Pre-schedule content to plan your digital signage strategy, ensuring your messages reach your audience at the right times.

  • Exact Timing

    Schedule content in advance based on specific needs, ensuring timely delivery of your messages.

  • Adjustable Frequency

    Customize content display frequency to fit your marketing strategy, maximizing engagement and impact.

Live Monitoring & Detailed Tracking

Performance Analysis and Metrics

Keep an eye on your displays in real-time, noting when they're on or off, switch-off times, and what's currently playing. Easily export reports in Excel or PDF for deep analysis and strategic planning.

  • Insightful Oversight

    Get instant insights into your displays' status, switch-off times, and current content.

  • Exportable Data

    Create detailed reports in Excel or PDF formats to analyze and make informed decisions.

Choose Plan

Choose your Better Plan

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Basic CMS

Use Only For Personal & Students

  • 3 Users
  • 5 Files
  • Public Share & Likes
  • Chat Supports
  • Unlimited Space
  • Upcoming Softwares

Plan Smart40

Use For Company & Corporate


  • 10 Users
  • 20 Files
  • Public Share & Likes
  • Chat Supports
  • Unlimited Space
  • Upcoming Softwares

Plan Smart32


  • Unlimited Users
  • 50 Files
  • Public Share & Likes
  • Chat Supports
  • Unlimited Space
  • Upcoming Softwares

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